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Radar… from little acorns A short primer in radar theory

Four men of vision The famous memorandum
The Daventry demonstration Sound detection…a forerunner of Radar

After the Daventry demonstration Robert Watson Watt
The Biggin Hill Experiment

The prototype CH system Chain Home…operational
Chain Home, Low
Flight of the Zeppelin

Work at Bawdsey Manor Work at Bawdsey Manor Part 2
More about Orfordness

Identification, Friend or Foe
Progress with AI and ASV

Dundee interlude  
Why Worth Matravers ? The Battle of Britain and GCI
The Skiatron
The Skiatron Part 2
Achievements at Worth
Leeson House
Daily life at TRE Worth
Social life at Worth
TRE Worth, then and now
TRE Worth, then and now Part 2
The Plan Position Indicator (PPI)
The Plan Position Indicator (PPI) Part 2
The August 12th raid
The German capability
The Bruneval raid
RAF Christchurch
Yet another move…Malvern  
The Magnetron The Magnetron Part 2
The Magnetron Part 3
The Tizzard mission

AI at 10 cms
AI and the night-time raiders
Town detection
A.P Rowe and his 'Sunday Soviets'

Sequence of developments
The GEE system
H2S evolves from AI
H2S evolves from AI Part 2
The Hamburg raids
H2S evolves…H2X
Rebecca / Eureka
Submarine detection
Submarine detection Part 2
Pathfinder Squadrons
Radar for the Navy
Gun-laying radar

Radar jamming

Fooling the enemy
Radar on D-Day
Radar on D-Day Part 2

Personal stories

Picture Gallery