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Virtual Displays
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Bellingham Virtual Museum of Antique Radios
Bellingham's site offers information on various aspects of the history of radio equipment.

CyberAir Airpark, US Aviation Museums
The Selfridge Military Air Museum is located in the grounds of the Selfridge Air National Guard Base, which was opened as Selfridge Fiels in1917. The Museum has a collection of 23 aircraft on display.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology Virtual Museum
This site contains information on the development of weights and measuring equipment, and information about up and coming exhibitions.

Pioneers of Computing
This site provides links to sites containing information about the people and places which have made a significant contribution to the development of computing.

Museum of Radio and Technology
This site allows the visitor to view the development of radio and the technology needed to create tramissions.

Virtual Museum of Computing
This site includes a collection of WWW hyperlinks connected with the history of computing and online computer based exhibits avaliable both locally and around the world.

Wings of History Air Museum
This site displays detailed information about the history of aviation, through education, preservation, restoration and flight.

USS Bowfin Submarine museum
This WW II Submarine can be seen from many angles, and in great detail, on this site. The site shows pictures from areas like the control tower to the battery room. Each page is annotated with relevant, informative text.

The National Museum of Science and Technology (Canada).
A database comprising of both scientific and technological instruments, this site gives clear descriptions in when, where, and how format which is factual but understandable for people of all knowledge levels.

Museum Of Paper making
The virtual tour takes the visitor around the museum as it is laid out in real life. Each section has relevant text to the history, development and spread of paper and paper making throughout the world.

The Smithsonian
Offering possibly the best virtual museum on the Internet at the moment the Smithsonian uses modern technology to display the technology of the past. Each exhibit can be seen in a number of ways, from revolving 3D images to audio/visuals. The text displays are comprehensive and detailed enough for users of all knowledge levels. A must for all internet museum browsers. Downloads are required for full operation of the site.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester
Split into science, power and transport, this site gives an assortment of atrefacts and exhibits with virtual demonstations.

Mannheim Museum of Science and Technology.
The only permanent exhibition is about plastics, the temporary exhibitions change on a regular basis. The permanent exhibition looks at the developments in plastics since the 19th Century. With pictures and broad text this site gives a good overview of the process and technology used in the production of plastics.

Yokohama Science Center
This Japanese museum looks at space and science for children. The site shows its interactive displays and explains how they are used. Aimed more at younger people it still has useful information and pictures.

Racal RA17 and RA117

Images and information about the Racal RA17 and RA 117 receivers created by Keith Rawlings.

BT Connected Earth

Explore the background to the BT Connected Earth project and take a journey through the extraordinary history of telecommunications. Includes information on where you can see Connected Earth around the UK and links to national curriculum resources and teaching material.

Virtual Valve Museum

An online presentation of a valve collection. Includes exhibits, data, documents and links.

Aircraft Resources

This online presentation includes aircraft related news, books and web resources.

Kilroy Was Here

This US site presents the legend of 'Kilroy Was Here' and includes unknown stories and forgotten places as well as stories about World War II & Korean war secrets. You can also read personal stories of combat & home front, legends, Gremlins and foofighters.