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The Skiatron part two

'Pipsqueak' communication methods were fully employed. Special terminology was coined such as 'scramble' 'bandits' and '6 o'clock high' to enable the pilot and his ground controller to communicate quickly with the minimum of ambiguity or 'chatter'.


When the night-time raids commenced, it was necessary to modify the ground control arrangements using 1.5m systems (Ames Type 15 for example) because they were more accurate. The daytime arrangements involved the use of 'filter rooms' where information was collated from a number of sources including ground observers. At night however, the GCI units information was fed directly to Fighter Command and one ground controller would then speak by radio-telephone to a specific 'Wing Leader' and direct him onto the optimum course and altitude to engage the enemy.

A GCI Aerial Unit & Rig
A GCI Aerial Unit & Rig

Some GCI units were fixed such as the unit at Sopley (near Ringwood) but other rigs were mobile and could be deployed as battle tactics dictated.